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Welcome to Oak Cliff UMC

We are a community and family of faith. We learn and understand this faith through the Wisdom and Word of God -most especially through the witness of Jesus Christ in the flesh. You are welcome regardless of your religion, nationality, culture, education or socio-economic status. We believe that God cares for people more than anything else. So please, if you want to know God's Wisdom and Word for you, by all means come and honor us with your presence!

Somos una comunidad y familia de fe. Aprendemos y discernimos esta fe a través de la Sabiduría y Palabra de Dios –muy especialmente a través del testimonio de Jesucristo en la carne. Tod@s son bienvenid@s sin importar la religión, nacionalidad, cultura, educación o estado socio-económico que tengan. Creemos que a Dios le importa más la persona que cualquier otra cosa. Así que, si quieres discernir la Sabiduría y Palabra de Dios para ti, no esperes, ven y hónranos con tu presencia!


Oak Cliff UMC United Methodist Church

Its not about religion, its about what God has provided. Jesus, the Universal Wisdom and Word of God made flesh!